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Photo Gallery

Joined to the host and producer of "Sabadazo" TLN TV show Ismael Cala during the First Latin Achievement Award 2001 at Du Maurier theatre in Canada
Mireya Escalante & LATIN STREET, the crew of Much Much Music TV show, host and producer Ismael Cala from TLN during the recording session of the Premiere of Buenavista Social Club on TV in America
Mireya at the New Pioneers Award Singing the Canada's National Athem at the New Pioneers Award 2003 of Skills for Change at Harbour Castle Hotel
Mireya Escalante & LATIN STREET at Mel Lastman Square.
Mireya and LATIN STREET in the "Pico Blanco" at the top of the San John's hotel in Havana, Cuba


From left, Mireya Escalante, her daughter Glenda del Monte, her husband Mario del Monte, trumpet player Miguel Valdes and the legendary Cuban diva Omara Portuondo in the Massey Hall theatre.
Back stage at Harboufront Centre
In the Harmony Award Ceremony 2002 of the Harmony Movement in Toronto, Canada Mireya Escalante & LATIN STREET in the Harmony Banquet Award 2002 of the Harmony Movement in Toronto, Canada
Joined to the Chef David Wolfma and emcee Gail Picco in the Harmony Banquet 2002 Ceremony
Mulheim Jazz Festival in Germany