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My love, dedication and devotion for the Arts, every day encourage me to rise above obstacles by continuing growing-up as a person and as an artist. Mireya Escalante

Since Mireya arrive to Canada, she has been involved in many cultural events, One of her primary concerns is the development of a local community that supports and perpetuates the growth and appreciation of all forms of expression of Arts by encouraging young artists and fostering enjoyment and appreciation of the Arts in future generations. Also to offer a range of opportunities for children and young people of all backgrounds to participate in high-quality culturally diverse arts experiences.

Singing the Canadian National Anthem in the New Pioneers Award 2004

Dear Mireya, we thank you for volunteering your talent as a singer to the 2003 and 2004 New Pioneers Awards of Skills for Change. Your rendition of the National Anthem was soulful and inspiring and set the mood for the evening. Karoby Ray-Manager, Fundraising, Skills for Change

I know Mireya in a variety of capacities. She is respected in her community as a leader, a role model for young women, who encourages others with their artistic pursuits , volunteers and engages with youth to inspire, and teach her love of music through many volunteer arts education activities, In addition she is endlessly searching for information. Every new Canadian experience and or opportunity seems to provide her with even more energy and drive to continue to do what she does. Janice Lambrakos, Information Services Coordinator, Arts Services Department, Ontario Arts Council


Mireya is a musician and community arts activist. She has used her musical education and artistic experience to initiate and implement a brilliant youth arts program called the NEW CUBAN GENERATION. This program focuses on aspiring young multi-disciplinary Toronto-based artists from diverse backgrounds. Aside from being a very talented singer/musician, she is a talented outreach coordinator with a passion and interest in cultural development. She is visionary and diligent grassroots initiator. LilitaTannis-Executive Director, Urban Arts

 I have the pleasure of knowing and working with Mireya Escalante for some time. She is very kind and always willing to instruct and guide students in terms of their education goals. I have the honor of being part of her NEW CUBAN GENERATION Project. Sharon Lee - Violinist, Facuty of Music UofT

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I have close daily experience of Mireya's work habits and contributions to her community and I can only report that I rank her in the top of people I have ever had the pleasure to know and work with. Her entrepreneurial abilities, her never say die attitude, in addition to her interest for cultural development and her eagerness for learning and researching information will make her and exceptional success and an example to the ambitious immigrant women of this country. Carmen Marquez-Community Worker-Davenport Perth Neighborhood Centre

Music for Kids programs
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Mireya has demonstrated and understanding of the political, cultural and economic system at the centre. She was very involved in the planning as well as the direct implementation of a children's Latin dance program. Mireya is a delightful person with a professional manner. Candace Rowe - Facility and Special Event - Fundraising Manager, Harbourfront Community Centre.


Mireya Escalante & LATIN STREET
I wanted to thank Latin Street Band on behalf of the UrbanArts Council and offer our sincere gratitude for your generous participation and partnership in the ArtBeat Fundraising event at Zemra Club Thursday July 8, 2004.This was our first time attempting this sort of activity and we were delighted at the response we received. We met our fundraising target for this event and that was in no small measure to the support you provided. Indeed, we would not have realized this success without you.LilitaTannis-Executive Director, Urban Arts

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With her band LATIN STREET, Mireya  frequently is involved in fundraising activities, volunteering and collaborating with different events, such as:

Fundraising Activity Urban Arts Community Council

International Women Day Harbourfront Community Centre

Fundraising Activity Oakwood Collegiate Institute

Children Music Program Harbourfront Community Centre

Teleton Fundraising Event TLN Network

Buenavista Social Club TV Opening Much More Music TV Channel